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Neuro-science ... understanding what creates change

NeuroChangeSolutions (NCS) is a science based, layered learning approach, that ensures sustainable change in individuals and organizations. Morgan uses the NCS models and tools in all his programs, as a foundational pillar, because it provides the client with an insight and understanding into how they think, act and feel as a person. New results become possible.  

Organizations who benefit from working with NCS believe that…
  • Day-to-day stress is “death by 1000 cuts” for performance and productivity and know there has to be a better way to work together to meet project deadlines and performance goals.

  • Thriving during mass-scale change or reaching higher levels in business as usual times can only happen from the inside out.

  • Individual employee habits add up to and dictate how well a company performs.

  • The best way to create an organization nimble enough to act and thrive on market changes is to intentionally focus on upgrading the individual patterns of each employee.

  • To learn more about NCS offerings, message me here on LinkedIn or by email at 


Based on the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza, and grounded in the rapidly evolving field of neuroscience, our two change programs, Change Your Mind...Create New Results (CYM...CNR) and Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself (BHBY), have created breakthrough experiences for many companies and businesses throughout the world.


Whether your organization needs support in the areas of leadership development, improving employee engagement, creating a more positive culture shift, preparing your organization for change, reducing stress, or enhancing creativity and innovation, these training programs are designed to evolve your organization. 



The field of Neuroscience

Contact me for a 15-minute call to discuss the challenges your organization is facing and the optimum outcome you’d like to see.
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