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Leadership & Team Development

Given the growing internal interdependencies present in most of today’s companies, to be a good leader involves being an effective team player. Research conducted by the Hay Group over the last two decades states that "CEOs are realizing that the companies’ success rests on the ability to work collaboratively as opposed to competitively and they are making these expectations known."

To accelerate this leadership transformation, GPG has designed a number of approaches to Leadership and Team Development that includes:

Go Team
  • Internal and External “Collaboration Programmes” that break down silo’s and unleash potential

  • Project launches

  • Breakthrough programmes

  • Leadership development sessions for all levels of the organization.

  • Providing “on the ground” coaching and facilitation to teams, leaders and managers at all levels

Asian Businesswoman

Our programmes are always custom designed & enable individuals to understand their strengths,

along with their habitual ways of producing results and to develop new skills and capabilities that are a match for the challenges ahead.


Organisations are left with leaders who can constantly grow and adapt their style and ways of working consistent with the ever-changing circumstances of their businesses.

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