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Breakthrough Performance

Causing Constructive Cultures through Leadership

This programme intends to create the right set of circumstances, skills and capabilities to enable the leadership to empower their teams to produce a breakthrough in their performance.


What we mean, in this case, by a breakthrough, is simply a result or a series of results that are not currently foreseeable. A breakthrough therefore involves the development of new tools, skills and ways of working together.  Central to our theme is that we see perception and action linked. However perception has all the power.  Trying to change a project members actions (behaviors) and not dealing with how they see the world (perception) - will never work.  Changing action at the level of action never sustains. 


Successful people often attribute their success to their leadership and management style or their personality and can end up with a fixed view about what works and what doesn’t. “My project is this way… I am this way… The leadership are that way...” However life is never fixed it’s always changing.  When awareness is raised and perception is altered, the world occurs differently for people. This is the first step in any behaviour change process. Being told of the need to change is insufficient. Seeing the value in changing is insufficient. Wanting to change is the key. Only then is real and sustainable change possible.

Crossing the Finish Line
Successful Work Team

Our key deliverables are:

Establish a foundation for shifting a culture and a breakthrough in performance, by defining clear deliverables, stage gates and behaviours to limit and promote.

Working Together
Work Presentation
Working Together

Leadership is enabled with:

  • A clear understanding of how and why their behaviour is the key to unlocking the potential of people around them

  • A framework for the skills required to cause a constructive culture 

  • A process for setting and realising breakthrough targets and the motivation to inspire others to fulfil on them

  • A clear methodology to manage the climate, behaviours and risks/pitfalls.

  • Skills and capabilities in the areas of engagement, resolving bottlenecks/breakdowns and performance issues.

  • An evaluation and monitoring tool (Pulse). Providing leadership with a people dashboard.

  • A common language for performance and empowerment

  • An access to understanding how their own preferred ways of thinking and communicating and how to adapt their methods to get the best out of others

Approach: (6 – 8 month period)

Typical session design (to be co-designed with client)

Session 1: Leadership alignment & commitment session

  • Align on personal development plans and deliverables

  • Commitment towards an inspiring vision

  • A framework to lead & manage a Breakthrough project

  • Undestanding LSI and preferences

  • Introduction of Pulse

(Duration: 1.5 days)


Session 2: Skills & capabilities development

  • How to influence and engage others

  • Powerfully resolving problems 

  • Review Pulse and plans

  • Leading with integrity 

  • How to create the right climate and promote the right behaviours

(Duration: I day)


 Session 3: Sustaining the project and developing your people

  • Non-directive coaching

  • Operating in different project cycles

  • Responding to internal and external changes

  • What does work life balance really mean?

  • Review Pulse and plans

  • The next steps

(Duration: I day)


Follow up coaching meetings (monthly): Monitor performance and developing capabilities

  • Review project status

  • Review Pulse results

  • Further deepen & develop performance capabilities

(Monthly: 2 hours)

Additional individual coaching when required

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