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Change Your Mind...Create New Results

Purpose of Change Your Mind, Create New Results workshop:  To contribute to people’s lives by bringing awareness, emotional freedom and an access to finding and maintaining their flow in life.


Understand how to rewire your neural network and develop new empowering habits while discovering the natural power of your mind


Expand your thinking and develop a clear picture of what you want for your future and leave with a free mind to accomplish it


Understand how to create serenity, lucidity and freedom for yourself and those around you. Learn how to create new habits that are aligned with your desired future

The Path of Change your mind…Create New Results

  • You are no longer stopped by negative thoughts and emotions and have practices to interrupt them

  • You no longer have your actions determined by fear

  • Become unstuck from past issues or barriers that have slowed you down

  • Eliminate unwanted habits that have impeded your freedom for years

  • Create new habits that are aligned with your desired future

  • Explore the potential of Neuroplasticity and feel that your mind has turned on

  • Practice meditation and understand the basic principles behind why it works

  • Find a free, spacious and serene mind

  • Have a clear picture of what you want for your future and a free mind to accomplish it

  • Leave with a structure of support for further growth and development


Free yourself from a rigid, limiting and outdated version of yourself.

Access flow

Access the awareness of your creative potential and overcome the superfluous limits to your creativity.


Free your heart from fear and replace past beliefs to generate love for yourself and your environment.


Create a relationship of balance and deep, lasting well-being between your Mind and Body.

The Advantages of Change your mind…Create New Results
Taking control of your life can bring extraordinary benefits to everyone’s quality of life.
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