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By knowing each other’s strengths, you can grow together

The Management Drives software measures and provides insight into what motivates a team or person. The Management Drives software thus offers a communal language to enable behavior to be discussed and to use the strength of the team and each individual. Management Drives uses a language with six colors, uniquely presented in a matrix.

Each color stands for a style of leadership or organizational culture.

Management Drives is unique because it makes a connection between:

  • Organizational development & culture

  • Team development

  • Individual Leadership

Management Drives theory

Drives are motivators that predict how a team or person uses their knowledge, skills and competences. The theory of Management Drives is based on the studies of Clare W. Graves (1914-1986) and is already automated at an early stage. Graves based his theory on Jung and Maslow.


Our six colors each have their own meaning at organization and team level and for someone’s personal leadership.

Organizational development

Management Drives distinguishes itself by its applications at organizational level. Drives determine how people act. Drives show which parts of the organizational development naturally receive more or less attention. Each color stands for a step in the development of your organization. All the steps in the organizational development are important. The phase in which an organization finds itself and the context determine where more or less attention should be given.

However, the individual and team profiles determine where the natural attention is focused. This insight means that conscious attention can be devoted to each step in the organizational development, based on the interests of the organization.

  • Step 1, Purple Yellow: Mission and vision relates to who we are and where we are going. Identity, core values and being proud are expressly linked to the Purple drive. Vision, long-term developments, the environment and the broader perspective expressly belong to Yellow.

  • Step 2, Orange Red: Strategy and focus, translates mission and vision into concrete strategy and goals to be achieved. We must determine the risks and what we will and will not do. Making choices, focusing.

  • Step 3, Blue Green: Organize and communicate, concerns determining the working method in which we will achieve the formulated goals, what agreements will be made for this and how we ensure that people are and remain connected.

Important elements in Step 3 are also embedding the direction, strategy and agreements. This is about creating bonds between the individual, team and the organization.

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About Management Drives

Management Drives is a totally unique SaaS company, with unique software, its own consultants and certification of external professionals. With its software products, the company focuses on organizational development, effective cooperation within teams and improving leadership. The Management Drives software measures what drives people. It provides insight into what motivates a team or person. This makes it possible to predict how that team or that person uses their knowledge and competences. All the information is displayed in six colors. Each color represents a certain style of leadership or organizational culture. Our consultants help you use Management Drives to safeguard changes in the organization.

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