What we do

Given the growing internal interdependencies present in most of today’s companies, to be a good leader involves being an effective team player. Research conducted by the Hay Group over the last two decades states that "CEOs are realizing that the companies’ success rests on the ability to work collaboratively as opposed to competitively and they are making these expectations known."

To accelerate this leadership transformation, GPG has designed a number of approaches to Leadership and Team Development that includes:

  • Internal and External “Collaboration Programmes” that break down silo’s and unleash potential
  • Project launches
  • Breakthrough programmes
  • Leadership development sessions for all levels of the organization.
  • Providing “on the ground” coaching and facilitation to teams, leaders and managers at all levels

Our programmes are always custom designed and enable individuals to understand their strengths, their habitual ways of producing results and to develop new skills and capabilities that are a match for the challenges ahead.

Organisations are left with leaders who can constantly grow and adapt their style and ways of working consistent with the ever-changing circumstances of their businesses.

Changing Behaviours and Habits

Causing Constructive Habits and Breakthrough Performance

Awareness, Opportunity and Action

Habits are built up over time and almost become part of who we are. We clean our teeth without thinking and forget that without constant support and opportunity from a young age we may never have done so.

40 years ago it was normal to drive without wearing a seatbelt. Now for most people it is an embedded habit. Some habits we have are productive, others less so and in the worst cases are completely counter productive to the individual and groups with which they work.

In order to break old habits and create new ones, awareness is a starting point but not enough. The opportunity to experiment with new habits needs to be encouraged and then commitment to action from the individual and support from the organisation becomes possible.

Central to this process is the link between perception and action. If you don't perceive any danger in driving without a seatbelt then why buckle up? Perception has all the power.  Trying to change actions (behaviours) and not dealing with how people see the world (perception) - will never work.  Changing action at the level of action never sustains. 

Our programmes provide the opportunity for real breakthroughs. People produce breakthroughs in performance while at the same time elevating their level of satisfaction, health and happiness at work.

What we mean, in this case, by a breakthrough is simply a result or a series of results that are not currently foreseeable. A breakthrough therefore involves the development of new habits, new skills and new ways of working together.

When awareness is raised and perception is altered, the world occurs differently for people. This is the first step in any behaviour change process. Being told of the need to change is insufficient. Seeing the value in changing is insufficient. Wanting to change is the key. Only then is real and sustainable change possible.