A word from our Clients

After our workshops, trainings and coaching we ask our clients to give us feedback. Sometimes direct answers to questions, others just feedback on their experience during these events.

Habits at Work  March 2015

The last 3 days have been very impactful in my private and work life. I was able to see everyone in a different light and establish or reestablish open communication. Listening is a very powerful tool...being there...actually listening and not letting your surroundings or thoughts interfere is major. I realized how many times I let other things consume me during a conversation.

I felt as if I was empowered to share my thoughts, stop being constrained and rid of my inhibitions. I reflected on those conversations that happened in person or via email and how my word was not fulfilled as I stated. I am making a commitment to myself to listen intently and honor my words.

Before the 3 day session I saw that people began to interact more in the past few weeks. Simply inviting others for a walk opened the communication bridge for many. You were able to sense that the tension was decreasing. After working with Morgan I know that it paved the way for a positive culture at work and revived us in a sense. 

Intersections as a whole would benefit from this empowerment. It creates trust, encourages creativity and brings everyone to the same level. I hope that they do get an opportunity to experience what we just did. 

I'm appreciative of it all.

Thank you,


Habits at Work  September 2015

I found that the events of the past 3 days were quite transformative for me in both a professional & personal way. From the professional side, it really got to the core of how me & my department's role affected the direction that the company was heading and inspired me to create a new version of Client Services. The breakthrough goals that we gave the Legacy team also inspire me and scare me at the same time in a  good way, because we will be doing something that hasn't been happening in a long time, generating new revenue within our clients instead of just limiting our losses as much as possible. Personally, it really made look into myself and see who I am, and who I have shaped myself into over the years. In the past, I have been guilty of being a person that over-thought things, sometimes to a fault, and hesitant to take action. These past 3 days really showed me that that is not who I have to be, and that I can become the more confident person that I have always wanted to be, but was scared to sometimes. I felt that I have been given some new tools & a confidence to allow me to achieve this new person.

2. What difference do you think this will make for the future of our company

In short, we needed the direction and focus that we got over the past 3 days. Our division had fallen into "survival" mode where the biggest concern was trying to keep as much money as possible with as little risk to the company as possible. I really think that this hampered our ability to take the steps necessary to move us forward and begin to transform into the organization that we need to be. I felt today when talking to people that the whole team was energized into making our new goals succeed and really saw people excited about our future in a way that I haven't seen in a long time. Personally, I believe that with the direction our breakthrough goals have given us and our new desire to achieve those, we are much better prepared to do that than we were before this week began. While I also see the potential challenge that I and everyone else may have is keeping that desire and commitment going when we are in the middle of our projects wondering "how on Earth will we do this", I think we now have the tools to break through that in a way we didn't before.  

Joe A. Liuzzi


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