Our Team

Over the last 25 years the team at the Great Performance Group has been helping organizations deliver breakthroughs in performance by making their leaders and employees more effective, more self-aware and faster at unlocking the potential of their teams. 

PARTNER  Nick Andrews

Nick brings a love of self-development and over 25 years of training, leadership and management experience to his work with clients. Nick has worked with industries ranging from construction, retail, IT and mining to engineering, oil and gas and aviation. He has worked extensively in Europe and throughout North America and South Africa.

As a senior programme leader and consultant with JMW Associates, Nick worked in partnership with Organisational Development teams from FTSE 100 clients to custom design Executive Development programmes that focus on both individual development and breakthrough business delivery. In each instance, he has worked from the initial discussion stage, throughout the planning and design stage and co-delivered the end product. With Great Performance Group, Nick has worked with thousands of senior leaders in major construction companies, retail giants and multinational insurance companies across the UK, Holland and Canada.

These engagements have contained a strong element of team and individual profiling with teamwork, collaboration and enlightened leadership at its core. Prior to becoming a consultant, Nick spent 15 years as an owner and shareholder with one of the largest global adult education companies in the world, running their European operation with full P&L accountability for branches in The UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Holland, Sweden and Denmark. 

Having spent 5 years with JMW Associates, Nick took the opportunity of redundancy in 2009 to complete a degree in psychology and set up in partnership with his old friend and colleague Morgan Thomas to launch and build Great Performance Group.

Nick lives in Brighton, England; he is married and has 2 daughters. Other hobbies include running, walking, cycling, travelling, anything with his family and learning anything new about anything.

PARTNER  Morgan Thomas

Morgan brings a unique combination of fun and commitment to any engagements he undertakes and for the last 15 years has worked with industries ranging from retail, mining, pharmaceutical and IT to aviation, insurance and transport. He has worked extensively in Europe and South Africa and has vast experience in delivering leadership development, collaboration and cultural change programmes in organisations.

Morgan has designed numerous Leadership and Personal Development Programmes, delivering them to up to 150 people at a time. Prior to becoming a consultant, Morgan started his career by qualifying as a Navy Diver, Special Forces. He completed his career in the military as a Senior Instructor and top of the class. 

He then joined Nashua (Ricoh), an Office Automation Company, where in a few short, fun years, he became the Corporate Sales Manager. Following a successful career in the corporate world, Morgan chose to become a partner, in a start-up, Wholesale Agency of Worldwide Consumable products, based in South Africa. After several dedicated years, he acquired several agencies, opened new offices, and built Duty-Free retail shops throughout Africa.

In 2005, Morgan moved to the Netherlands, settled in Amstelveen, started learning Dutch and set up a consultancy. He began Great Performance Group in 2009 with an old friend and colleague Nick Andrews. The partnership has thrived and GPG now have multi clients across Europe, Canada, Central America and the U.S.A.

Morgan lives in Amstelveen with his wife and their two daughters. As a one time South African Karate champion, Morgan tries to stay in shape while also enjoying the more relaxed environment of his local golf course.

ASSOCIATE  Robert Zaajier

Robert, of 12Mprove (Lean consulting), helps companies successfully through their transformations. He uses different techniques, tools and training to implement in the right sequence on the right time. For more than 10 years Robert gained his experience implementing the Lean principles in various roles as consultant, trainer and line manager. 

He has been one of the first in the Netherlands to adopt the lean principles and transform from Manufacturing into Services in areas such as insurance, banking, government, energy and construction.  By adding value to the product and eliminating waste, Robert found out that results go hand in hand with cultural aspects of the organisation. 

His experience has led him to become convinced that by serving the customer in the best way, measurable results will follow. This mindset shift to focus 100% on the customers needs has led to Robert's clients attaining huge cost reductions and rising customer satisfaction alongside less defects and faster delivery. 

The recipe for change and supply chain optimization is to improve current working practices rather than to adopt theoretical models and processes. He favours using visual tools to demonstrate progress and make people proud of their performance. Robert has a proven track list of well known customers. He is more than happy to meet you and ‘walk the Gemba’. 

ASSOCIATE Erikjan Lantink

Erikjan loves leading teams and has developed his own signature approach in leadership growth, team effectiveness and performance, culture change, and business transformation. Erikjan is passionate about pushing the boundaries and choosing courage over comfort. He does that for himself and works daily to help and inspire others to do the same and be the best they can be. 
Erikjan was a food retail executive at Ahold Delhaize for 17 years. He spent those dynamic years in executive roles in general management, retail operations, HR, organizational development and learning. He lived and worked with his family in the Netherlands, Belgium, Bulgaria, United States and Czech Republic. 

Prior to Ahold Delhaize, Erikjan was a consultant and worked extensively in emerging markets in central and eastern Europe. He worked with private equity, startups and companies in transition, based on his believe that you either disrupt or you are disrupted. Sooner or later. The last years of his career at Ahold Delhaize he guided the people integration process of the successful merger of Ahold and Delhaize. He helped design culture and values for the new organization, developed a team effectiveness approach for all the new corporate teams and introduced a purpose driven leadership journey for all leaders of Ahold Delhaize. Erikjan left Ahold Delhaize in 2018. To continue supporting the growth of people, leaders, and business in a disruptive world, Erikjan established Diving Board. He has connected with the Great Performance Group as associate partner. Because great performance can only be the result of great people and great teams being the best they can be.

Erikjan lives in Prague with his wife and two children. He commutes on a regular basis to the Netherlands, Belgium or where his assignments take him. Erikjan enjoys staying in shape both physically and mentally. He enjoys to workout, run, swim, golf and meditate.

ASSOCIATE  Johnny Tenn 

Johnny has been working in the field of training, consulting, talent development and high level Peak Performance Coaching for over three decades.Currently Johnny designs and facilitates personal development workshops, delivers transformative team building and leadership trainings for organisations, and coaches a number of High level Business and Sports people.  

As part of his on the court credentials, Johnny has coached, facilitated, tutored and led development workshops to over 70,000 people globally, coached the British Gymnastics team, a World team Gymnastics Champion, and has consulted on many large scale International projects, including Chairman, CEO’s and Director level staff. Coaching Directors and Senior management at TfL (Transport for London), and Sir Robert McAlpine. Johnny is designing and delivering a large (all through) school staff development programmes, which includes one to one performance coaching in partnership with key members of the SLT. Johnny is currently delivering (large scale) personal development workshops in UK Universities, and is the mind coach to the current world Muay Thai boxing World Champion.