Leadership breakthroughs and Culture change
unlocking the potential of your people

Our Methodology

Through workshops, coaching and customised interventions we deliver innovative solutions that shift cultures, implement new behaviours and develop leaders. Our attention is on people’, their talents and their capacity to create the right climate for breakthrough results. 

Creating Climates

The difference between a demotivating climate and one that energizes workers can be as much as 30 per cent more in profits. These results come from higher revenues, lower costs and improved customer loyalty. Our own work across industry lines - with consumer products, financial services, manufacturing and healthcare organizations - demonstrates this time and again.

Our Speciality

Performance Interventions

  • Surveys and Team Diagnostic
  • Project Intervention
  • Leadership Development
  • Individual Coaching

Cultural Change

  • Cultural Assessment
  • Vision & Strategy
  • Climate and Motivation
  • Implementation of values and Behaviours

In partnership with the Wilsher Group we deliver:

  • C-me profiles
  • C-me Individual Feedback 
  • C-me Team Assessment and Feedback
  • Customized Programmes on developing how to work effectively with C-me profiles
  • C-me group effectiveness